Why do some speakers take the stage & some OWN IT? – Darren La Croix

Ouch!! – This is the title of the speech that made Darren La Croix the Toastmasters World Champion of Public Speaking in 2001.

Darren La CroixHe won the title by “out-speaking” 25,000 contestants from 14 countries. Darren has been a keynote speaker since 1994 and a public speaking trainer.







His winning speech can be viewed below.

Darren was the chief guest at the Ovation 2013, the District level conference for District 82. (More details here). His speech was a massive hit and he left with one simple word which is being chanted across the D82 clubs, and that word is – “Stage Time”. By Stage Time, he means that one should never turn down an opportunity to speak in front of an audience. Apart from this advice, he had several other pointers. Two of our passionate Toastmasters – DTM Saro Velrajan and TM Monisha(VP-PR of Coromandel Toastmasters Club) had posted the highlights of the speech in their respective blogs. Some of the reasons on “Why some speakers take the stage and some OWN IT?”can be found in the blogs of Saro and Monisha below.(Many of the points obviously overlap, because they were blogging about the same speech..)

From Saro’s Blog

  1. Don’t try to be perfect, try to be PRESENT
  2. Failure is a valuable negative information
  3. You don’t know what you don’t know
  4. Your mentor supplies the direction, you supply the energy and efforts
  5. Take any story and continuously try to improve it, to make it good

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From Monisha’s Blog

  1. Any day you don’t go on stage, you don’t grow!
  2. Never turn down stage time.
  3. Record yourself at stage time.
  4. Watch the videos of winners over and over again and identify the differences between those of the winners and the runner ups.
  5. People think with pause, but they don’t speak with pause.

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On a different note, you can find the experience of Darren La Croix in Chennai, in his own words. Watch the video below.

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