“As a speaker, try to be expressive and not impressive” – DTM Rajeev “Tiger” Nambiar

TigerAthletic, Brilliant, Charismatic and Down to earth, these are the right words striking my mind in order to describe DTM Rajeev Nambiar a.k.a Tiger. He came up with an education session during the last meeting of 2013(28 December) of Coromandel Toastmasters Club. His session was titled ‘Tailor yourself’ and the focus was to help new members prepare themselves for the upcoming International Speech contests.

DTM Rajeev started his session by sharing his own contest experience in 2009 when he took part in all contests for the first time. When he procrastinated to be part of humorous speech contest, his mentor urged him to do it just to showcase his talent for himself and not for the sake of others.

The Basics

DTM Rajeev’s education session mainly focussed on International speech contest. He explained how the learning from the first 6 Competent Communication projects will help a person to become a matured speaker in order to take part in contests. He boosted the confidence of members by saying ‘Contest is about competing with oneself and not with someone else and be self centric. Come, Stand, Deliver and Enjoy’. DTM Tiger also requested the contestants not to become disheartened by the not-so-favorable contest results. He mentioned about Rory Vaden(First Runner Up of International Speech Contests 2007 ) and about his famous blog in which he had mentioned that “While judges determine who goes home with the trophy, they don’t determine who goes home a success”.(Read Rory’s blog here.)

DTM Rajeev Nambiar urged the potential contestants to make it a point to treat the fellow contestants as fellow contemporaries and not to have any contempt on them. He reminded what Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt said, that Bolt needs fellow contestants to break his own records and he gets zero motivation if he runs all alone. Rajeev expressed how he felt happy when his mentee overtook him at a contest and became a separate entity instead of his own duplicate.

Topic Selection

When it comes to selecting a topic, Tiger emphasized how it has to be made for a contest. He urged the contestants to sit back and look how the script will work if it has been delivered by someone else. He also said that script is not something that has to be penned down to memorize verbatim, but it has to be made to be personalized. Rajeev stressed to write a tag line before writing a script. He differentiated “title” from “tag line“, the former can be written even after penning down the whole script, whereas the later is the crux of the speech which says what one wants to convey to the audience. He made a reference to Darren Lacroix’s ‘Ouch’ (Click here for the speech) while explaining about the importance of tagline. DTM Rajeev spoke about the value of internalizing a speech and said “You become what you want, a dancer becomes a dance and a speaker becomes a speech.”

“Tailor Made” i.e. Originality

DTM Rajeev Nambiar urged the audience that instead of becoming a product of someone else script, one should tailor it oneself. He condemned the practice of lifting something from the internet which kills the originality of the script.

The Holy Grail – Connecting with the audience

DTM Tiger highlighted the fundamental fact that a good speech must connect with even a layman. He encouraged the aspiring contestants to deliver their speeches to non toastmasters to make sure that the message reaches them clearly. He said that body language, voice modulation will come in due course, if not immediately, and not to unduly worry about them.

Last, but the most important

“Above all” Tiger continued “You need one thing to make yourself to the top, its commitment”.Tiger signed off with a bang saying “As a speaker try to be expressive and not to be impressive”.

(Written by TM Anirudh N on behalf of the Editorial Team)

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