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2 days of laughing uncontrollably, incessant cheering for the contestants, attending several inspiring educational sessions, renewing the bond with several Toastmasters, making newer friends and much more! All this happened in the semi annual conference of the Toastmasters of District 82, comprising of Sri Lanka, Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Karnataka – “Reverberation 2013” – which was held in Bangalore on November 23rd and 24th. On day 1, the semi finals of the humorous and evaluation contests took place. Out of 16 contestants (one from each Division), the top 6 from each contest, battled it out at the finals on day 2. For the very first time in the history of Toastmasters conference, a talk show was conducted. The guest was a national award winning film critic, deputy editor at The Hindu, Baradwaj Rangan. Click the video below to view the interview.

The grand inaugural ceremony kick-started in the JRD Tata Auditorium with the District leaders parade followed by a performance of the traditional dance form of Karnataka.

Traditional dance of Karnataka “Punchtantraa”, India’s first registered professional Radical Mime team, entertained the audience for half an hour by conveying thought provoking messages fused with humour. Punchtantraa Post the inaugural ceremony the delegates were transported to Taj Vivanta for fun night. The stage was set on fire by the cool rampers who rocked the show. On day 2, there was a motivational educational session on “How to beat a champion” by Dananjaya Hettirachchi – the only Sri Lankan to compete at the Finals of the Toastmasters International speech contest 3 years in a row. Dananjaya's session The essence of his session based on his personal experiences is as follows:

  •         Don’t wish for something – want it.
  •         Go big, take risks and be crazy.
  •         Never let a single loss derail your journey of becoming a champion.
  •         Keep learning and growing to become better than yesterday.
  •         Paint your canvas by finding your life’s purpose and fulfilling your dreams.

The useful lessons shared by him can be applied to work, personal life and also to create a remarkable destiny for oneself. Kichu Krishnan, a 1st generation entrepreneur and a trainer who has coached over 60000 people, trained another 600+ people at R13 on how communication affects relationships. The education session can be viewed below. To take a break from the serious educational sessions, there was a session wherein the past district level humorous speech champions delivered their award winning humorous speeches which made the entire audience to literally roll on the floor and laugh. Watch the video below which has an excerpt of an interview with the champs, post their speeches. Following the sessions was the much awaited finals of the humorous and evaluation contests. TM KVM Kishore, fondly called as the “Masala Man” after his speech titled “My Masala dream” was the winner of the humorous speech contest. TM Dhanuja Singh, the lady who stole the show with her elegant evaluation was the winner of the evaluation contest.

Dhanuja Singh - Humorous speech winner CTC in Reverberation 2013: In spite of being a new club to the Toastmasters fraternity, Coromandel Toastmasters Club made its mark at Reverberation 2013. CTC’s crowning glory, DTM Jayan Narayanan, represented Division M at the District level evaluation contest and emerged as the first runner up. The club received an award for being one of the most active Toastmasters club groups on Facebook which was a result of the heavy PR activities carried out in social media to create visibility for the club. Being a very young team, with 25 years being the average age of the crew members, the team pulled off this massive conference with so much ease and enthusiasm. The conference chair, a young entrepreneur and accomplished trainer, DTM Mala Mary Martina shared the success mantra behind R13 as “Think BIG. Do BIG and get BIG!” The conference culminated with the award ceremony to recognize the various talents in the District followed by the curtain raiser for Ovation 2014, the last annual Toastmasters conference of undivided District 82. Some pictures from the event are given below. District officers parade

(District Leaders Parade)

Chennai team

(Chennai Team)

 (Written by TM Monisha M on behalf of the editorial team)

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