TM Vignesh Swaminathan

1. A brief profile about youVignesh

I am an engineer turned ad-man. I have been associated with Toastmasters for the past 2 years.

2. How did you come to know about TMI?

Sunday evenings… I just did not know what to do in that time. My father told me to find whether there is a Toastmasters club in Chennai. I found one, liked it, joined it and life has changed since then.

3. Why did you join Toastmasters?

I was part of the debate club during my school days. So, I had some basic knowledge about speaking on stage. Toastmasters has helped me to improve the various nuances of public speaking. It has and will be an amazing learning experience.

4. What was your expectation before you joined?

Honestly speaking, I had no expectations before I joined. But Toastmasters has certainly taught me a lot of things that simply cannot be quantified.

5. How has Toastmasters benefited your personal/professional life?

Personally, Toastmasters has given me some amazing friends and I have had the opportunity to interact with so many people. On the professional front, Toastmasters helped me chase my dream job and I did get it! Thanks to the President of Chennai Toastmasters Club and a very good friend of mine – Sakthi Prasanna.

6. What is your advice to a new Toastmaster?

Attend club meetings regularly and take up roles in every meeting you attend. If you do these two things with utmost sincerity, Toastmasters will take you places.

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