TM Adithya VS

1. A brief profile about you.Aditya

I am a third year Mechanical Engineering student at IIT Madras. I was born and raised in Kerala and did my schooling there until 10th standard. After that I moved to Chennai and I have been here for four years now. To speak of my hobbies, I enjoy reading, speaking, cycling and travelling.

2. How did you come to know about Toastmasters?

I came to know about Toastmasters when I went to participate in the Saarang speech contest. Saarang is the cultural festival of IIT Madras. I did not want to speak that day actually, as I used to be really scared of the stage. But that day for the first time, I mustered the courage to go on the stage and say something. And because I did that, I happened to meet Vignesh, Divya and Janani who had come there to spread awareness about Toastmasters. I made my decision to join immediately. Because I understood that something had to be done with my speaking skills after I saw the expression on the faces of the judges who had come for that contest.

3.Why did you join Toastmasters?

I joined Toastmasters with the singular purpose of improving my speaking skills.

4.What was your expectation before you joined?

I expected something similar to a public speaking coaching class where emphasis is given to the practical aspects of it. I expected to see trainers or worse (Professors). But I braved all those fears and decided to attend a meeting as I felt that my need was extremely dire. But what I saw was something very different and something much better.

5. How has Toastmasters benefited your personal/professional life?

 Toastmasters has made me a very confident person, on and off the stage. And it has certainly made my speaking and networking skills much better.

6. What is your advice to a new Toastmaster?

 My advice to a new toastmaster would be to take part in as many toastmasters activities as possible, as it would help  in improving the person’s personality as a whole. I would also like to ask him/her to trust the toastmaster system and to follow the instructions and advice given to him, such as following the CC manual etc, as it is a tried, tested and proven method of improving your speaking skills.

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