For a committed learner, there is no dearth of resources on how to improve her/his public speaking and leadership skills. Given below are some such resources.


1. We have compiled the videos of some of the greatest speeches along with some external analysis of why those speeches are great. The compilation can be accessed here.

2. Toastmasters International contests are highly competitive, and there is so much that one can learn by watching the winners of these contests, also known as champions of public speaking. You can view most of the speeches from the past decade here.

Other Recommended resources

1. Toastmasters International

The website has tonnes of resources in the form of manuals, tips on leadership and public speaking and interviews with achievers. Don’t forget to read the monthly magazine(click here) that is available for free for the members. Also, don’t miss the Q&A with the first Indian to win the TMI International contest available here.

2. Craig Valentine

Craig is one of the most popular public speaker and a coach. He shares lot of practical lessons and tips on improving public speaking.

His “one tip a week” free resource is available at

3. Darren LaCroix

Darren is a world speaking champion at Toastmasters in 2001.

4. Saro Velrajan ‘s blog

DTM Saro Velrajan is one of the most active leaders in District 82 and he has tips for almost everything related to Toastmasters – right from chartering a new Toastmasters club, all the way to High Performance Leadership(HPL).

5. Aditya Maheshwaran ‘s blog

Aditya Maheshwaran is one of the youngest DTMs from Chennai Toastmasters Club and he is also a veteran career coach. His blogs have lot of practical tips on improving public speaking.

6. Andrew Dlugan

This website is a very good resource for new Toastmasters who are starting the Competent Communicator(CC) journey.

Other Resources

1. Want to know the top 10 speeches of all time? Click here for the Top 10 list from Time magazine.

2. What makes a successful TED talk? Check it here.