Advanced Communicator

Advanced Communicator

There are 3 stages in the Advanced Communication track.

1. Advanced Communicator – Bronze(ACB)

A Toastmaster who has achieved his CC award gets his ACB  award after completing 2 Advanced Communication(AC) Manuals. A TM can choose from a total of 15 AC Manuals, based on his goal. Each of these AC Manuals contain 5 speeches. These 15 manuals include topics like Storytelling, Persuasive Speaking, Humorously Speaking, etc. Details about the AC Manuals can be downloaded at PocketGuide-AC-Inside.

2. Advanced Communicator – Silver(ACS)

After achieving ACB award, a TM can get the next award by completing

– 2 more AC Manuals and Leadership Manuals

– Conduct any 2 programmes from the Better Speaker Series and/or Successful Club Series

(Please contact your Vice President- Education for details about the Better Speaker Series,Successful Club Series, Youth Leadership Programme or High Performance Leadership)

3. Advanced Communicator – Gold(ACG)

The ACG is awarded to a TM who has achieved the ACS award and has

– completed 2 more AC Manuals and Leadership Manuals

– conducted a Success/Leadership Programme, Success/Communication Programme or Youth Leadership Programme

– coached a new member with the first 3 speech project.