Know more about Toastmasters – Regions and Districts

Do you know which Division CTC belongs to? And to which district? Which region?

If you do not know, here are the answers.

Effective  July 1 , 2013, hierarchy is as follows.

1. Coromandel Toastmasters Club is part of Division M.

2. Division M is part of District 82.

3. District 82 comprises of the clubs in the states of Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Kerala and the country Sri Lanka.

4. There are two Districts in India – District 82 and District 41.

5. District 41 comprises of clubs in all Indian states except Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Kerala.

6. India is part of region 13, which includes China, South Korea, Japan and Philippines among others.

7. There are a total of 14 regions, of which 9 are North America, 1 in South America, 1 in Europe(includes Africa and Middle East Asia), 2 in Asia and 1 in Australia.

The map of the regions is given below.

Know the TMI 1

Map of the Divisions in Asia is below.

Know the TMI 2


The details for the rest of the region is available at the TMI website here.

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