Guest Testimonials

Don’t take our word for the benefits about becoming a Toastmaster. Given below are some of the guests who attended the regular club meetings who have shared about their experience at the Toastmasters.

1. Naresh Kumar Bala

I attended the meeting as a guest on August 10, 2013. I am an automobile engineer and work at Nissan as a design engineer. I came to know about Toastmasters club through the club’s website. I am really impressed by the structured way of doing things. I was in particular very impressed by how the meeting was conducted within the time, and how well defined the role players are. I plan to become member and would like to improve my communication skills.

Current Status : Naresh is currently the VP- Membership of the club.

2. Pratap Simha

I am a mechanical engineer and I moved to Chennai in October 2013 after joining Mahindra, and I was looking for a place to meet like minded people. As I was searching online for such options, I came across the club’s website and I was quite impressed. Since I am introvert who thinks that I can improve a lot when speaking in front of an audience, especially in office settings, I decided to attend the meeting on 23 November 2013 as a guest. I liked some of the prepared speeches on the day, but I was quite blown away by the impromptu speaking or the Table Topics. I decided to become a member immediately.

Current Status : Pratap is a regular member of the club, and represented the Club in the Area level Table Topics contests.

3. Louis Babu

I work as a HR professional, and one of my colleagues recommended me to attend a Toastmasters club meeting. Since this club is the nearest for me, I decided to attend the meeting along with my college going daughter. After attending the meeting in February 2014, I had one regret – my friends and I did not get an opportunity to know about Toastmasters much earlier. But I am glad that at least my daughter gets to polish her public speaking and leadership skills in her early 20s. Both of us(my daughter and I) are becoming members of the club immediately.

Current Status : Louis and his daughter Shirley are currently members of the club.

4. Yamuna

I am an IT professional, and I love writing. I am somewhat reserved, and I wanted to go beyond my comfort zone and overcome fear of public speaking. One of my colleagues recommended the club, and I attended my first meeting in February 2014. I found the meeting and the members very warm and welcoming. I was also comforted by the encouragement the members got even when they failed. This is the ideal platform for me!!

Current Status : Yamuna is a member of the club.

5. Harini

I am an engineering student at SRM University. I attended the meeting because of my friend who is a member. I attended the meeting on 22 February 2014 on the speech contest day. I was blown away by the quality of speeches, and I decided to attend one more meeting as a guest. During the second meeting, I was invited to speak in the Table Topic session, and I won the best TT speaker award. I really felt good about it. I plan to become a Toastmaster.

Current Status : Harini is expected to join the club as a member after her exams are over in April 2014.

6. Shashank Rao

I am a student at SRM University. One of my dreams has been to become an inspirational speaker, but I am not very good at public speaking right now. One of my friends introduced my Toastmasters club, and after attending the meeting as a guest, I felt more confident, and the members also were very supportive. I am sure that the skills I improve at the club meetings will not only help me perform better in campus interviews, but also help achieve my dream to become an inspiration speaker.

Current Status: Shashank is a regular Toastmaster after becoming a member.