3Rs for Effective Impromptu Speaking – TM Raghavan Sridhar

  • 1st August 2013

He is envied for robbing the ribbons from clubs in Chennai. He became more popular when he revealed his anchoring skills and musical skills in ‘Ovation 2013’. His mantra is 3 R’s when it comes to impromptu speaking. When we asked him why ‘R’? He chuckled and replied “Because my…

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The O.B.C. of Public Speaking – DTM Nina John

  • 24th July 2013

Acronyms, Acronyms and more Acronyms. They are all around us. LOL, ROFLOL, TGIF, WTF(Winning the Future – coined by President Obama, but also has a different expansion!!), just to name a few. We create acronyms to simplify something and make it easily memorable. Some of the acronyms are fun, some…

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3Ps to unleash the champion in you – DTM Saro Velrajan

  • 14th July 2013

3Ps – that’s all are required to become a fantastic public speaker. This was the key message of DTM Saro Velrajan’s education session “Unleash the Champion in You” at the Coromandel Toastmasters Club on 13 July 2013. The speech was filled with clever one-liners, inspirational anecdotes and great quotes like…

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Are you a pseudo DTM? – DTM Jayan Narayanan

  • 7th July 2013

Extremely hilarious, remarkably candid and deeply inspirational – these words sum up an excellent education session, “My Distinguished Toast Master(DTM) Journey”, by DTM Jayan Narayanan at the Coromandel Toastmasters Club on 6th July 2013. (Note: The video recording of Jayan’s speech will be uploaded shortly) When Jayan started his speech,…

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