6 Tips To Overcome Fear Of Public Speaking

” Gallup says 40% of people fear public speaking — and some people fear it more than death. ”  This statement is a cliche but true. All of us would like to be a great speaker, but most of us do not have the courage to face the public. That is the reason why we have joined the Toastmasters movement- to improve our public speaking skills. While we learn a lot of tips at TM clubs, here is a set of 6 tips that reinforces what we learn at TMI. These tips are from a popular blog called Barking Up The Wrong Tree. The tips are given below.

1. You’re Not Perfect – And That’s Normal : ” The unedited speeches of even great orators like Martin Luther King and Churchill have numerous errors. “

2. How To Prepare – Susan Cain, author of Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking, and an introvert herself, is now a professional public speaker.

How did she overcome public speaking fear? She practiced in front of small, supportive groups to desensitize herself.

3. Know The First Minutes ColdThe Art of Public Speaking makes an excellent point: work especially hard practicing your intro.Not just because it grabs the audience and sets the tone, but research shows having the beginning down cold can help with jitters.

4. Reduce Stress Ahead Of Time – Scott Berkun says ” I want to make my body as relaxed as possible and exhaust as much physical energy early in the day. As a rule, I go to the gym the morning before a talk, with the goal of releasing any extra nervous energy before I get on stage. It’s the only way I’ve found to naturally turn down those fear responses and lower the odds they’ll fire.”

5.What To Do If You Do Screw Up – Scott Berkun recommends looking for a face in the crowd that seems supportive.

6. Cheat: Make Friends Ahead of Time – Berkun recommends talking to a few audience members before the presentation, and referencing them by name during the talk.

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