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Know more about Toastmasters – Regions and Districts

  • 25th August 2013

Do you know which Division CTC belongs to? And to which district? Which region? If you do not know, here are the answers. Effective  July 1 , 2013, hierarchy is as follows. 1. Coromandel Toastmasters Club is part of Division M. 2. Division M is part of District 82. 3….

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The Art of Evaluation – DTM Lalitha Giridhar

  • 14th August 2013

HR by profession, Distinguished Toastmaster due to passion and a very down to earth person. These are the right words to describe DTM Lalitha Giridhar aka Maami. She came down to Coromandel Toastmasters Club to deliver a special education session on evaluation. Her session was so simple (like the way…

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3Rs for Effective Impromptu Speaking – TM Raghavan Sridhar

  • 1st August 2013

He is envied for robbing the ribbons from clubs in Chennai. He became more popular when he revealed his anchoring skills and musical skills in ‘Ovation 2013’. His mantra is 3 R’s when it comes to impromptu speaking. When we asked him why ‘R’? He chuckled and replied “Because my…

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